The first page of my art journal - come back to scrapbooking

Hi everyone,

I wasn't here a long time...
I haven't done anything since 2 years... You know, all my life was changed.

Different country, life ... and everything.
It's been a long scrapbooking break.
During my last summer holiday, I've decided to bring my stuff over here where I am, 
not all of them of course (I have a lot), but a part of my favourite things :). 

So... I've been thinking about what can I do with a couple of sheets of scrapbooking paper 
which I have... hmm
I've been creating also an art journal with different kinds of pages. 
To be honest, I never work with any journal page. It was my first time.

So, my first choice was to make the first page of my brand-new art journal.

I've used to do this: UHK Gallery papers, some masks, and stamps.
I couldn't be missing any of the mixed media work here like ink splashes background or Distress Ink.

What do you think??
Let me know in the comments.





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