Solar system made by Angelika

 Hello everyone!

Today's next inspiration of my daughter - the Solar System.

Angelika loves princesses but is more fascinated than them by the cosmos. As soon as she saw the Cosmic Adventure collections live, I heard: WOW! Mom, look! Such beautiful colors, you know I like mint and blue and everything related to the cosmos! I wish I had cosmic peace!
So she decided to make a frame with the solar system and hang it over the bed. Angelika bravely traced the orbits on a starry cosmic sheet with a compass, and then painted them with white paint. Then she carefully glued the planets together in the right order ... it had to be as she had dreamed it up. We have chosen a gray frame to match the design of the room. Here it is, a dream space frame.

# CY02 - COSMIC ADVENTURE - set 30,5x30,5 + extras

Angelika sends HUGS!


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