Go somewhere you have never been before - card


Today I have some exciting news to share, I'm part of the 3Quarter Designs team from New Zealand. 

I'm so happy! The new adventure, new papers which I've never used before... What can I say.... they are gorgeous!

So, I made a card for someone who loves traveling near and far. It is made in the style of a shadow box where I placed a small suitcase and sentence. I put a butterfly in the suitcase, which is supposed to symbolize freedom and happiness, because what else is traveling? On the back cover is a funny van that can't decide where to go.

On the cover I put the inscription: Adventure is always worth it ... which is true, isn't it? And those who do not travel only read one page in the book, as the quote on the back of the page, says.

Hope you like my first inspiration for 3Quartes Designs.


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